“I always felt a little nervous around my non-Christian friends, especially those who ask for my point of view. I was genuinely concerned that a difficult question would arise, and, without a clear answer, I would misrepresent the truth at a critical moment. Those fears are long gone.”

– Sophie, Student

Why Base Camp?

Studies show that younger generations have a lot more questions and doubt than the previous generations. Yet 27% of Gen Z says “the church is not a safe place to express doubts.”

What is Base Camp?

At Faith Ascent, we believe that good questions deserve good answers. Base Camp is an engaging and safe place for students to ask questions, express their doubts, and learn from dedicated Christians and experts in their fields. 

We provide intensive apologetics and worldview training from leading thinkers and speakers in Christian apologetics, including author and speaker Ryan Dobson, son of Dr. James Dobson, WashU professor Dr. S. Joshua Swamidass, and Director of NGIM Dr. Thomas McCuddy

This year, we are delighted to have New York Times Best Selling Author of BonhoefferMartin Luther, and MiraclesEric Metaxas as our featured speaker! He’ll be with us Thursday to share his experiences and how he held on to his faith at Yale and in the workplace. 

Learn more about Mr. Metaxas and all of our speakers at Base Camp this year below! We’ll cover topics such as: 

  • the historical reliability of the Bible
  • science and faith 
  • evidence for the resurrection
  • social justice and Christianity 
  • conversational apologetics
  • living for truth and faith in today’s culture 
  • the goodness of God in the midst of pain and suffering 

We’ve been holding summer camps and seminars for over ten years, answering questions, providing resources, and strengthening faith.

Watch real students share how their experience at Base Camp impacted their doubts and and grew their confidence in the gospel.

Wednesday, July 28 – Friday, July 30, 2021 
9 am – 4 pm, lunch provided

West County Assembly of God  
13431 N Outer 40 Road
Town and Country, MO 63017

Base Camp tuition for 3 days of intensive learning and interactive courses is $200 per student. Scholarships are available for those who have financial need. You can apply for a scholarship at the link below. 

We are also pleased to offer group discounts for churches! Please contact us at kscheidhauer.fa@gmail.com or call 314.540.1155 to learn more. 

Our  2021 Base Camp Speakers

Eric Metaxas is a critically acclaimed author and speaker and we are thrilled to have him with us this year! Mr. Metaxas has written many books, including BonhoefferMartin LutherIf You Can Keep ItMiraclesSeven WomenSeven Men, and Amazing Grace.

He’ll be speaking on how to hold on to your faith in the midst of skepticism on college campuses and in a secular business world and much more.

We’re privileged to have the rare opportunity of hosting Mr. Metaxas in an intimate small group environment. Space is limited so register today! 

Ryan Dobson, son of Dr. James Dobson, combined his natural abilities and passion for public speaking to engage and challenge parents and families, and with his wife Laura, founded REBEL Parenting. 

Ryan is the author of six books, including multiple best-sellers, a radio host, has a Top 20 iTunes podcast, spoken for more than one million people, and has appeared in numerous major media outlets. He and Laura live in Colorado with their two children. 

We are so excited to have Ryan speak on pain and suffering, conversational apologetics, social justice and Jesus! 

Dr. Swamidass, a Base Camp favorite, is returning to Base Camp! He’ll be with us Wednesday to speak on science and faith, evolution and intelligent design, and loves answering tough questions from students. 

S. Joshua Swamidass is an associate professor in the Division of Laboratory and Genomic Medicine at Washington University in St Louis. He holds an MD and PhD from the University of California, Irvine. A scientist and a physician, he uses computational methods to study information at the intersection of medicine, chemistry, and biology. 

Dr. Swamidass is a national voice in the dialogue between science and the Christian faith, where he explains how mainstream science can be understood within the context of historic Christian faith. He is the author of The Genealogical Adam and Eve: The Surprising Science of Universal Ancestry

Dr. Thomas McCuddy has served as the first Director of the Norm Geisler Institute since its inception in 2018. Thomas is also a professor, directing the apologetics program at Carolina College of Biblical Studies. He earned his Master’s of Divinity and Doctorate of Ministry from Southern Evangelical Seminary. 

Dr. McCuddy has dedicated much of his life’s work to helping others understand how to hold an evidence-based faith and hold meaningful conversations with both Christians and non-Christians, which is why we are delighted to have him at Base Camp in 2021!

He’ll be with us July 30th for interactive sessions on conversational apologetics, philosophy, and much more!

Base Camp 2021 Schedule

Wednesday July 28th

9am                                      Arrival & Check-In

9:15am                                Prayer & Worship

9:30am                                Session 1: Dr. Joshua SwamidassWhat Are the Essentials? What is Our Foundation?

10:45am                              Session 2: Dr. Joshua Swamidass Science & Faith; Human Origins: The Genealogical Adam & Eve

12:00pm                              Lunch                       

1:00pm                                Session 3: Brent RoamReimagining Race Through the Eye of God

2:30pm                                Session 4: Jannique StewartTime to Speak Up: Speaking Truth In a Relativistic Cancel Culture

4:00pm                                End

Thursday July 29th

9am                                     Arrival, Welcome & Worship

9:15am                                Session 5: Dia D. Hicks, MA, LPC, CADC, MCBQSMental Health, Trauma, & Church Wounds

10:30am                              Session 6: Ryan DobsonTrusting God When Things Crash & Burn?

11:30am                              Lunch

12:30pm                              Session 7: Eric MetaxasFaith On Campus & At Work

1:45pm                                Session 8: Eric Metaxas (alumni invited) – Standing In Faith – Examples From History

3:00pm                                Break & Eric Metaxas Book Signing

3:15pm                                Session 9: Dr. Thomas McCuddyEthics

4pm                                       End

Friday July 30th

9am                                     Arrival, Welcome & Worship

9:15am                                Session 10: Ryan DobsonNavigating the Woke Culture

10:45am                              Session 11: Ryan DobsonConversational Apologetics – Navigating Tough Conversations

12:00pm                              Lunch                       

1:00pm                                Session 12: Dr. Thomas McCuddy12 Points As a Conversational Apologetics Tool

2:00pm                                Session 13: Dr. Thomas McCuddyChristian Philosophy As True Wisdom

3:15pm                                Moderated Panel Q&A: Dr. Thomas   McCuddy, Dr. Joshua Swamidass & Brent Roam

4:00pm                                End