C. S. Lewis and the Art of Disagreement

In addition to questions about the reliability of the Bible, the person & work of Jesus, sexual ethics, and the problem of evil & suffering, one of our most frequently asked questions from parents and students involves tactics for engaging in discussions and even disagreements. Michael Ward over at The Gospel Coalition uses examples from the life and words of C.S. Lewis to address these often asked questions.

FTA: Lewis relished disagreement and debate. George Watson, who attended Lewis’s lectures at Oxford and later worked alongside him at Cambridge, recalls how “Lewis was a Christian conservative from around the age of thirty, which is to say before I knew him; and since I am neither one nor the other, there was never any question of doctrinal influence. If I was not exactly a friend, still less was I a disciple. That in no way altered my sense of admiration and affection. . . . We both thrived on dissent. . . . The best teacher I ever had, and the best colleague, he did not ask or expect me to share his convictions.”

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