Economy of Wisdom: 4 Questions of Christian Education

According to the stats at least 60% of professing Christian teens will not carry their beliefs into adult life. Most said “intellectual skepticism” was a major deciding factor. According to a recent Lifeway research project, many professing Christians are functioning heretics. Is it possible for someone to spend their whole life in “christian education” and never learn what they believe and why it’s believable? Yes, it is. 

Professor Anthony Bradley at The King’s College in New York says: Christian education is unique in that teachers can integrate faith and learning in the classroom to unlock academic disciplines from mere materialistic or rational concerns to direct interdependence and collaboration with the providential work of the Triune God in his plan to redeem the entire cosmos. In light this fact, if any student graduates from a Christian school, at either the secondary or the university level, and cannot answer the following questions I argue that the school is failing. These four questions wed the goal of the Christian life — namely, to glorify God — with our day-to-day lives in a way that expands the scope of how we think about vocation.” 

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