Is Your Church or Ministry Protected From Discrimination Lawsuits?

Protect Your MinistryTo say that we are in a challenging cultural moment would be an understatement. With increasing frequency, more and more states are legalizing same sex marriage and more and more institutions and business are being sued for discriminating against LGBT couples and individuals. We’ve all heard the stories and many of us have watched in disbelief as more and more cases unfold. What, if anything, can theologically conservative churches and ministries do to protect themselves from sexual orientation and gender identity lawsuits? This is a question every pastor, elder, and ministry leader should be asking right now!


Recently, I (Jeremy) was asked to speak about Christian apologetics and youth culture at a pastor’s conference in Alabama. While there, several talks on sexual ethics, marriage, and religious liberty were given. Helpful workbooks highlighting the necessary legal steps to protect your church and ministry from lawsuits were distributed. The workbook was written by the legal team at Alliance Defending Freedom and features endorsements from Russell Moore, President of Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, and Wayne Grudem, Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Phoenix Seminary.

We’ve been given permission to share the PRINTABLE PDF WORKBOOK with pastors and ministry leaders in our network. Please share this important information with those pastors and ministry leaders in your circle of influence who may benefit. Friends, don’t wait. This is time critical.

Quick Side Note: On June 26, 2015, at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO, Adam J. MacLeod will be making the social, biological, and psychological case for traditional marriage and family during our “Parent Night Presentation” at Base Camp. Q: Can a case be made for traditional marriage without invoking religious ideology? A: Yes, yes it can! Contact us if you or your pastor(s) are interested in attending.