Stories from Base Camp: Dianna

“That’s why I’m here.”

Sixteen-year-old Dianna calls St. Louis her hometown. Thanks to her three older brothers, Dianna was already familiar with all things Base Camp prior to 2020. She was overjoyed for the chance to finally experience Base Camp for herself this year. Dianna came to Base Camp looking to “gain more knowledge on controversial topics… before heading off to college”.

On the day of her interview, Dr S. Joshua Swamidass spoke on the resurrection of Christ and how it ties-in with the diversity of the church. He also opened up the floor up for Q&A, where deeper discussions and opinions were freely voiced. Dianna didn’t agree with everything that Dr. Swamidass said, but she welcomed the opportunity to explore the reasons behind why she disagreed. His perspective gave her motivation to dig deeper into the reasons for her own convictions.

Another Base Camp speaker, Kyle Keating, piqued Dianna’s interest. Mr. Keating led Base Camp Climbers through a discourse, highlighting issues from the gender identity crisis flooding our world. “His session hit close to home,” she shared, mentioning a friend whose views vary widely from hers. “I have often struggled in knowing how to talk in such a way that helps her understand my point of view.”

“His session hit close to home.”

Left: Kyle Keating, Right: Dr. Swamidass

“My desire is to have more opportunities to discuss it with her in a safe environment; not with a goal to convert her to my opinion but to learn each other’s perspective and to gain knowledge. That’s why I’m here.”

Base Camp lasted for four days. At the halfway mark, however, Dianna already sensed a positive change in herself. She left Base Camp with even more questions than she carried in, yet confident that she now had the tools with which to help decipher the truth.