The 5 Worst Beliefs a Christian Parent Can Have in an Imploding Society

You’ve “trained them up in the way they should go” and you’ve kept them active in the local church. They’ve been on mission trips, they have iPods full of Christian music, and they’ve watched every episode of Veggi Tales. However, the stats confirm that most professing Christian teens will not carry their beliefs into adult life. Why is this happening? What can we do? 

If you search the internet, it seems the speculation regarding reasons young people are leaving the church is as vast and unique as, well, young people. The suggested solutions are just as vast and unique. Certainly, “Intellectual Skepticism” is one well researched and obvious reason. Conversely, intense student training in Christian apologetics is a well researched and obvious solution. However, our friend Natasha Crain, in her latest blog, lists five unhealthy and unhelpful parental beliefs that could be contributing to the problem. Beliefs including but not limited to: 

“My kids will learn… about the Bible at church.”
I’m doing my part… by raising kids with good values.”
“God is in control… I’m not going to be concerned about it.”

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