The New Punk Rock

I spent about two decades of my life pushing around a skateboard. I was attracted to not just the thrill of skateboarding but also to the anti-establishment #punkrock attitude that went along with it. I rebelled against “the man” shoving ideology and politics down my throat through biased media and sausage making institutions.

Soon and very soon, subversive acts of cultural rebellion will be to:

1. not act on and glorify every sexual impulse
2. believe objective reality trumps subjective feelings
3. read books
4. fact check
5. get and stay married
6. have children
7 work hard for what you have
8. pay back what you owe
9. stay connected with multigenerational community
10. take religion and matters of faith seriously

We are living in a unique cultural moment where these practices are fast becoming subversive, anti-establishment, and very very punk rock. Think about that…