What Did Students Say About Our 12 Week Small Group?

Recently, Faith Ascent’s Admin Director, Vince Hall completed a 12 week small group with several of our 2014 Base Camp graduates. Using curriculum given to us by our new friends at The C.S. Lewis Institute, we practiced “conversational apologetics” and “question based evangelism” together as a group.

Below are testimonies from students impacted by the training. If you are a Base camp graduate and you’d like to participate in our spring small groups, call 314-587-3696 

“Before participating in this group, I always felt a little nervous around my non-Christian friends. I was genuinely concerned that a difficult question would arise and, without a clear answer, I would misrepresent the truth at a critical moment. After participating in the Small Group, however, I feel much more prepared for challenging questions, and perhaps more importantly, I am truly at peace in the company of non-believers.”

“The curriculum deeply explored how Christians can engage non-believers in personal, respectful conversations. Each topic covered was very relevant and very well discussed. The weekly readings pulled from The Reason for God, Questioning Evangelism, and Mere Christianity tied together seamlessly.  I learned how to answer questions with questions, like Jesus did; I was assured that I don’t always have to provide the right answers or perfect explanation- the Holy Spirit will work through me as I continue to engage with people, always recognizing the image of God in them.”

“Our leader, Vince Hall, approached tough questions with straight-forward answers and contagious enthusiasm. I felt the whole group growing and learning together, which was so cool to be a part of. This group was a huge blessing to me!” 

“The Faith Ascent small group grew my faith and gave me confidence in sharing it. It prepared me for real life situations and provided well researched material for study. I loved that what we learned was applied in weekly exercises. While the evangelism role-playing exercises were at first extremely challenging they became my favorite part of the group and helped me grow the most.”

“I had conversations that I would not be comfortable having had it not been for this course. I tell all my friends about this group and I highly encourage it!” 

“Thank you for all that you have done for me in the last 14 weeks. I have learned more than I ever thought I would in this class. Thank you for putting so much time and being so dedicated to us. You really have had an impact on my life in a huge way.”

“My Christian life has changed so much through Faith Ascent and their small groups. I don’t think I would be this willing to share my faith if it wasn’t for you guys. I can’t wait to see what the Lord does through the small groups and I am so pumped for Base Camp in 2015!”