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Faith Ascent Ministries

Our Mission: Reduce the number of young Christians abandoning
their beliefs in college and disengaging from the Church.


Base Camp is one week of fun, fellowship, and intense preparation for college bound Christian teenagers. In a safe but challenging environment, students think through the most pressing questions and doubts of our day under the guidance of authors, professors, and other qualified Christian experts.

Our Vision: To see every college bound Christian leaving home equipped with “good reasons”
for the hope they have in Jesus and connecting with Christian community on campus.


Watch testimonials from camp graduates and small group participants.

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Excerpts From Camp Lectures

Disconnected Connections: Video Course

Do you ever wonder how social media impacts your real social life? Why is social media so attractive? What does the Bible say about being social?

Watch the entire video…

Do you wonder how internet memes shape the way you think about things? Why are memes so popular? What do memes have to do with Christianity?

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What does history actually have to say about Jesus? Is the Bible the only reliable source for historical evidence regarding  Jesus?

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Can social media be used effectively as a platform for Christian apologetics?  What does the Bible say about “offering an answer” to anyone who asks?

Watch the entire video…

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A sad day when another Christian loses his or her faith as a result of a poor Christian worldview.