What is it?
A Discussion-based Worldview Formation Book

Who is it for?
Parents and Family, Small Groups, and Youth Groups

Where can I get it?
Only right here! Click the links to view and download it now!

Why did Faith Ascent decide to make this?

Communities around the world faced the unthinkable as our normal way of life was interrupted in 2020. 

We had to sacrifice. 

We had to adapt. 

We had to get creative. Our Faith Ascent community of donors, parents, Climbers, and churches faced similar circumstances, and in response, we got to work. Our first action step was to answer a question that loomed over everyone on our team: How do we continue to be an available resource for students, parents, and churches, without the guarantee of being physically present? We are excited to offer you the opportunity to continue your climb wherever you are with the help of our new book, Climbing Guide. We believe this tool can be utilized as a consistent resource in your faith journey.

We have crafted this resource for two main purposes: to help kickstart your faith climb, or give you the stamina to continue climbing higher. Climbing Guide is a resource intended to help you and your group deeply examine the most rudimentary questions asked of our faith. The Guide is not a book in the traditional sense; it falls somewhere between being a study guide or a workbook. We’ve littered every chapter with thought-provoking questions, geared to promote honest conversations and growing curiosity. The chapters are fashioned with the purpose of discussing the most common questions facing Christians: What is the Gospel? Is the Bible reliable? Does God exist? Why do bad things happen? Who is Jesus? The book also shines a light on God’s goodness, what the gospel offers, the life of Jesus, the problem of evil, and touches on what makes the Christian worldview distinct from other worldview models. 

Our goal for the Climbing Guide is to equip young people with the tools they need to seek out answers to their most pressing theological questions. The handbook style will be beneficial in pointing Climbers in the proper direction so that they may uncover truth for themselves. We encourage Climbers to pair this tool with a pen and paper. Jot down your flow of thought and questions as they arise so as to discuss them with others in your group and grow together. We’re excited to offer this new resource to our community, and urge you to pray alongside us that it would be used to glory of God! 

Stay faithful and keep Climbing!