Stories from Base Camp: Lane

Lane Base Camp 2014

Coming to Base Camp for her first time in 2014, Lane found herself “sorta in a rut.” She had lots of Bible knowledge under her belt from church and other places, but she didn’t necessarily feel like she had the tools to articulate that faith convincingly to her peers. On top of that, she was facing numerous obstacles in her life at the time. It took encouragement from Lane’s friends to even get her to come to Camp. Lane felt that, “In today’s culture, people are very quick to come up with their own conclusions about Christianity, and have their own beliefs that they’re able to fire back. And it seems a lot quicker than Christians can.” How can a Camp for Bible nerds even be helpful for something like that? Wouldn’t it be just another echo chamber?

Lane was having a difficult time finding joy in her Christian walk. In her Camp Interview, she said, “For me, joy as a Christian has been something that I’ve struggled with.” What good could an apologetics Camp do for her? She knew her Bible stories. She knew the rationale for her faith. What good could five days of wall-to-wall lectures do?

As Lane began to experience Base Camp, things started to click.

“Soaking in all this information you think you know... and then you learn more than you ever thought you would... it helps you, it really does. It helps you develop into the person you want to be.”

At the end of the day, Base Camp helped Lane to see what separates Christians from their secular counterparts. “I really like that [Base Camp] communicates that love is a very important factor to explaining your faith.” Not only did Base Camp provide Lane with grounded theology about love, but it also gave her an example of love in action.

One of the speakers spoke on Christian joy. After the session, Lane introduced herself to the presenter, and, seeing the need, the presenter invited Lane out to lunch.

“She didn't even know me, and yet she was there for me.”

“The leaders [here] want to be in your life… ” Words are more convincing when followed by action. At Base Camp, Lane experienced sound theology married to real action. That changes everything.

By the end of the week, Lane summarized her experience with a simple statement:

“I feel like I've changed.”

Watch all of Lane’s 2014 Base Camp interview below.