Base Camp: A Place for Questions

Ron Quick is involved with Faith Ascent in many ways. He is a recurring Base Camp Speaker, supporter, and Faith Ascent Board Member. It’s passionate people like Mr. Quick that keep the work of Faith Ascent going!

At Base Camp in 2018, Ron Quick began his session talking about questions.

I want to let you know and if you hear nothing else this morning … know that it’s okay to have questions, because everybody has them. Everyone has questions.

Mr. Quick shared that he started studying Apologetics as a teenager, but that didn’t mean he suddenly had it all figured out. Even after he had taken Bible courses in college, he still had more questions. Mr. Quick encouraged Climbers to take advantage of the Base Camp atmosphere and discuss any questions they had, without fear that it’s wrong to ask.

God is not bothered by your questions. …  Never in the New Testament do you see Jesus angry with somebody because they asked him questions.

At Base Camp 2020, Mr. Quick shared that questions are important, and no question is too big for God. “If God can raise a dead body back to life, then He can handle your questions“.

This is what Base Camp is all about: giving teens a place to wrestle through questions alongside peers and Christian scholars. We are so thankful for the many people like Mr. Quick who give in so many ways– giving time, talents, and finances to provide Base Camp for students each year!