Mini-Stories: Camp in the year of COVID-19

Let this blog post stand as an ebenezer and memorial to the Summer of 2020 and the ways in which we responded to the worldwide pandemic. Here is an itemized list of the precautions we took:

1. Venue and Time Change
  • Lindenwood University, our usual venue, backed out of all Summer activities. West County Assembly of God opened their church to us for day use.

  • The hours of Base Camp were limited to 9am-5pm, Monday through Thursday.

2. Temperature Checks at the Door
  • If a Climber had a fever, they were politely asked to not attend that day’s Camp.

Climber temp check at entrance
A Climber stands for her temperature check at the church entrance
3. Daily Cleaning
    • All chairs, doorknobs, and other touched-surfaces were cleaned every day before and after Camp began.

4. Hand Sanitizers
    • Every student was allocated a personal hand sanitizer and asked to wash their hands multiple times throughout the day.

5. Masks
    • Climbers were asked to wear masks at all times inside the building except while eating or being interviewed with strict distancing.

6. Social Distancing
    • Green tape was used to divide up the pews and create space between Climbers during all sessions.

green tape
Green tape separates Climbers in the pews during Base Camp sessions

By the grace of God, despite all of the challenges, Base Camp 2020 was a success and our Climbers exceeded our every expectation in following protocols with respect, keeping socially distant, and still engaging in Biblical dialogue with all their wit and wisdom! To date, we are unaware of anyone contracting COVID-19 during or recently after our Camp. Praise be to the Lord!