StL Base Camp 2020 Schedule

Here are downloadable versions of the daily schedule for Base Camp. Below the schedule are the topics of the speakers’ sessions.

Keynote Address

“Can Christianity Teach Us Anything Unique about Racism?”

Session Topics

  • Session 1: Does God Exist and is Jesus His Unique Son?
  • Session 2: Church History in the context of Cultural Appropriations
  • Session 3: Sexual Identity
  • Session 4: The Resurrection and the Diversity of the Church
  • Session 5: Open Q&A
  • Session 6: Transformed by Truth – Turning Habits of the Mind into Virtues of the Soul
  • Session 7: The Intolerance of Tolerance
  • Session 8: Relational Apologetics

Breakout Sessions

  • Breakout 1
    • Gadsden: Doubt & Deconversion
    • Heckel: Divine Intercession in Time
    • Jaros: The Logical Problem of Evil
  • Breakout 2
    • Jaros: The Evidential Problem of Evil
    • Stack: How to Live Without Answers
    • Swamidass: Science and Religion
  • Breakout 3
    • Clayton: Opportunities for the Church in Times of Social Upheaval
    • Jaros: The Pastoral Problem of Evil
    • Quick: The Reliability of the Biblical Text