What Should We Teach At Base Camp?

As most of you know, our mission is to train college bound Christian teens in apologetics and evangelism before they leave home. Through our student programs (including seminars and summer camps) we equip students with the tools they’ll need to articulate and defend the gospel in our increasingly postmodern and post-Christian culture. 

According to our 2014 Pre-Camp Survey Results we discovered that professing Christian teens, representing 42 different St. Louis area churches, had difficulty explaining the gospel. When asked to write the gospel, as they’d present it to a non-Christian, 71% did not include Jesus’ resurrection, 52% did not include any references to sin, and 45% did not include Jesus’ death. (Incidentally, we saw a significant improvement in our Post-Camp gospel presentations!) 

We take our survey data very seriously. This year, the theme of Base Camp is more “gospel centered” than ever. Below is a draft list of our camp topics. Before we finalize it and choose our speaking team, we want your feedback! Tell us, do you like this theme? What topics are we missing? What do you think about the below mentioned topics. Send us your comments, questions, and concerns. This is a team effort and, if you are reading this, you’re part of our team! 

Base Camp 2015 Theme: The Gospel in Science, History, & Philosophy

History & The Gospel: 
* Reliability of the Bible 
* The Historical Jesus 
* Writings of Josephus
* The Earliest Gospel (1 Corinth 15)
* Human History: A Legacy of Brutality and Beauty

Philosophy & The Gospel:
* Intro to Philosophy 
* Intro to Logical Fallacies
* The Cosmological Argument 
* Morality: Moral Law 
* The Problem of Evil & Suffering

Science & The Gospel:
* Intro to Intelligent Design 
* Evolutionary Theory: Holes, Gaps, and Big Problems
* “Scientism” America’s New Religion
* Why Science Requires Faith
* Young or Old Earth? (Friendly Discussion Panel)

Other Topics: 
* Why I Became an Atheist (Friendly Discussion Panel) 
* Evangelism: What if I mess up? 
* The Gospel: What it is. What it isn’t. 
* Feminism: Influence on American Culture & Church (Friendly Discussion Panel)
* Race Relations (Friendly Discussion Panel)
* Understanding Islam & ISIS  
* How to Stay Theologically Conservative & Still Love Your LGBT Neighbors (Friendly Discussion Panel)