Atheist Summer Camps Vs. Christian Summer Camps

A couple of years ago, I attended an apologetics training seminar in California featuring, Sean McDowell, Frank Turek, J. Warner Wallace, Greg Koukl, and other authors & apologists. I am especially grateful for Sean and his family’s hospitality and Frank and his staff’s generosity! Thanks again guys!

While there, I was shocked to learn that Faith Ascent’s mission & vision was already being discussed by more than a few instructors and attendees! For this, we owe a big thank you to author, blogger, and super mom, Natasha Crain! Just days before the event, Natasha wrote an eye opening piece on her Christian Mom Thoughts Blog comparing Christian Summer Camps and Atheist Summer Camps (yes, that’s a thing now). After reviewing 100 Christian summer camps she had two that she recommended. Can you guess which Christian summer camps made the cut? Before I tell you… Here are a few excerpts from her blog:

The largest atheist summer camp is called Camp Quest. Camp Quest started 20 years ago and has grown to 14 locations throughout the U.S. … Campers participate in all kinds of traditional camp activities… along with an important core of “free thought” activities in line with the camp’s secular mission… In other words, they do activities that aggressively teach kids their worldview…

I went to a Christian summer camp for several years as a kid and remember those weeks rather fondly… What I don’t remember… is growing in my understanding of Christian faith… After seeing what happens at Camp Quest, I was keenly interested in seeing how Christian camps today compare. I Googled “Christian summer camps” and visited the websites of 100 camps across the country. I spent hours going through these sites to see what they offer… I wish I could say I had a positive report.

Churches have been slow to realize the urgent necessity of teaching apologetics given the increasing challenges to faith today… and it’s clear that Christian summer camps are no different. This is a shame. Truly. A lost opportunity with thousands of kids. Two Camps to Consider: There are two fantastic programs for teens that do focus on equipping kids… First, Summit Ministries… Second, Faith Ascent’s Base Camp in St. Louis, MO! I hope you’ll check out these excellent programs and consider them for next summer…

You can read her the full blog post here.

WOW! Out of 100 Christian summer camps, based on mission statements and keywords, she only found two she could recommended: Summit and our very own Faith Ascent Camp (formerly known as Base Camp)!

That’s not to say we’re the only two equipping camps in the world and that’s not to say other camps aren’t doing good work. That’s not her point (nor mine). The point is we are losing at least 6/10 of professing Christian teens after they leave home and most say that “intellectual skepticism” is a major deciding factor. If intellectual skepticism is a big problem then Christian apologetics and equipping strategies should be a big part of the solution! Right? Right! That’s what we determined back in 2009. 10 summer camps, dozens of seminars, and dozens of small groups later we’re seeing measurable results!

We’re excited and humbled to be one of the few ministries proactively addressing these issues! God’s grace and your support makes this possible! Thank you! For more information about our summer camps click here.