Stories from Base Camp: Klaire

Klaire is a 17-year-old Climber from St. Louis. She heard about Base Camp because her older siblings had attended in years past. She was always interested in learning more about deeper faith topics, and when she was younger, she’d had some opportunities to listen in on a few Base Camp lectures. Even from those brief moments, she was hooked! She said she thought, “This is totally something I want to do!” Not only does Base Camp give that opportunity for in-depth learning, Klaire said she also enjoyed Base Camp for the community: Base Camp is a chance to meet others who are like-minded.

We spoke to Klaire in the middle of Base Camp. At that point, the session that had spoken to her the most was Kyle Keating’s session on identity, “Who am I? Understanding Christian Identity Formation”. Mr. Keating is an engaging speaker that weaves theology in with stories from his personal experiences. He outlined how to think about identity formation from a Christian perspective, while looking at the practical implications of identity formation for today’s hot button issues of sexual and gender identity. “It talked a lot about building your foundation on Jesus for our identity, rather than different things in life, on my race, on the things I do, on my past mistakes.” said Klaire, “It was an awesome one.” This lecture had many practical applications, as Mr. Keating built a case for holding onto who the Bible says you are to build your identity.

Another session Klaire was looking forward to was the breakout session on genocide in the Bible, hoping it would prepare her with answers as she shares her faith with nonbelievers. “When I talk to other people about Christianity, it’s something that gets brought up a lot.” 

Base Camp is important to Klaire for several reasons, both to answer her own questions and to prepare her to engage with non-Christians. 1 Peter 3:15 says, “Always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear.” Base Camp helps prepare her for those conversations.

“…having those answers for people when they ask, and having them for myself, when doubt creeps in…”

– Klaire, describing why she wants to keep studying Apologetics

For Klaire, Base Camp isn’t just a one week experience, but a starting place for learning in the months and weeks to come. Klaire was excited that the speakers provided suggestions on more books and materials and she shared her eagerness to keep learning after camp.

“I definitely want to continue growing and learning theology.”

After Base Camp, Klaire wants to keep climbing